1st Place Trophy

Best of 2015 Part 1

Duct-Tape Door Knob

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Let’s see who made the cut!

Homemade Door Knob- Necessity is the mother of invention they say. I think this proves it.  I mean, who has time to drive to Home Depot and actually buy a knob?  Just grab some “Kentucky Chrome” and you’re good to go.  I’m fairly sure the owner of this house was named MacGyver. 

There. Fixed It- 
Sticking with the duct tape theme, here is a sweet kitchen sink plumbing drain repair.  I’d guess the trap kept slipping off and they needed to prop it up.  Good ol’ Kentucky Chrome to the rescue, again. 

Duct Tape Plumbing Repair

Morning Coffee- 
Now this is what I call progress.  You mean I can brew my java and shower at the same time?  Man, what will they think of next?  I’ll need to double check my outlet in the shower though to make sure it has power…

Shower and Coffee
No worries just need your run-of-the-mill shower outlet for power.

Just a Tiny Leak- 
I remember this crabby seller following me around complaining I was running too much water in the upstairs bathroom.  After explaining it can take some time for a leak to manifest, I hear screaming from the buyer downstairs that water is coming out of the recessed lights.  Turns out the shower upstairs had not been used in a few years, and the trap froze and broke when the owners went to Florida for the winter.  That was an exciting morning.

Leaking bathtub
Most thermal shots are not this easy to identify.

Moldy Floor Joist- 
The mold and moisture damage was so bad under this house that all the wood had varicose veins.  When the problems get this bad, it can affect the integrity of the wood.

Mold under house
Have you ever seen wood with veins?

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