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Manufactured Stone Part 1 – General Overview

Leaking Windows

This is a general overview to teach you what manufactured stone is, and how it differs from regular brick veneer. It also explains how the anatomy of a wall should break down.

Manufactured Stone Part 2 – Windows & Doors

Manufactured Stone Leaking Around Window

This section explains the importance of flashing details around windows and doors. These are the most frequently skipped steps on manufactured stone siding installations; hence, this is where most leak points begin.

Manufactured Stone Part 3 – Walls & Drainage

Manufactured Stone Kickout Flashing

The final section goes in depth about walls and the importance of drainage.  All manufactured stone needs to drain, and nearly every house I’ve seen is missing the details that will allow water to escape.


Ben was featured at for his work with Manufactured Stone Siding

I had the honor of a being interviewed for an article in Forbes about my work with manufactured stone veneer inspections.  You can read that here.

Missing Kick-out-flashing-stone-veneer

Missing Kick-out flashing Creates hidden damage inside wall cavity behind stone veneer.

This four-year-old home has suffered catastrophic water damage from the omitted kick-out flashing around the manufactured stone veneer.  It’s hard to believe this much damage can be caused in just four short years.

Failed Manufactured Stone Veneer

Builder Buys Back Home After Failed Manufactured stone and brick veneer uncovered.

This one-year-old home had massive failure of the manufactured stone, and brick veneer.  Some many defects were uncovered with my inspection the builder bought the home back from the owners.

Thermal Image of Water Damaged Manufactured Stone


This 10-year-old shopping complex is falling apart from the botched adhered manufactured stone veneer install.  I was able to capture some unbelievable thermal images here of the water damage.

faux stone veneer leaking

Leaking manufactured stone destroyed this 12 year old home.

This 12 year old home had severe rot and deterioration on the entire front of the house from leaking manufactured stone. This was some of the worst damage I’ve come across in several years. The OSB walls behind the drywall were nearly mulch.

Manufactured Stone Siding


This 9,000 sq ft custom built home had construction stopped from leaking manufactured stone and leaking windows in Arkansas.  You won’t believe what I found once the walls were opened up.

The good people over at the National Concrete Masonry Association have produced a fantastic installation guide for Manufactured Stone. It’s so good in fact, that most manufacturers of  manufactured stone don’t even bother writing their own installation manual. They tell you to follow the MVMA Guide. You can download the latest edition by clicking the button to the right.  Just a heads up though, it can be tough to read if you aren’t used to looking at blueprint details. The MVMA Guide is the document I use when performing an inspection on a home with manufactured stone.

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