Here’s the deal- every licensed home inspector in Kentucky is required to do certain things when inspecting a house. This is known as our SOP (standards of practice).

What you may be surprised to find out is that the law (SOP) does not state that any inspector has to do the things that really matter.  Things like walking on roofs, going into crawl spaces, and venturing into attics are all optional and up to the individual inspector.  

That’s right, the guy you hire may not actually get a ladder out, much less walk on the roof, or look in the attic. It’s a sad fact but many inspectors don’t do a good job.  This is only one of many things that separate the good from the bad. Take a look at the pictures from past inspections.  Nearly all the major problems I find are because I go above and beyond what the law says I have to do.

Like everything in life, not all home inspections are created equal. This also rings true for the price of a home inspection. The cost can range from $400.00 up to $1,000(s).  The large gap in price is a direct reflection of the time spent on your home inspection, and the quality you will receive.

Another great way to weed out the bad inspectors is by their reports.  The report is a key part of all of this.  My reports are long, detailed, and packed with pictures & notes to help you in repair requests and negotiations.  

An average report of mine takes nearly 6 hours to complete (not counting the time spent at the house).  The cheap home inspectors do not come close to the quality of the end product.  Some even scribble on carbon sheets in front of you and call that a report…

But what if I can’t afford the best?  Nonsense.  Where will you find all the extra money once you move in and problems start occurring?   The thing to remember is my inspections  DO NOT cost you money, they save you money.

You can see a couple of examples of my reports below.  Look them over.  Compare them to the other guys.  It only takes but a few minutes to realize who is the real deal.   Who do you really want protecting you?

Sample Home Inspection Report

Check out my sample inspection page for several REAL reports that past clients have received.  I’ve scrubbed the names and addresses but everything else is original.  No doctored-up reports to try and impress you.  

When you hire me, this is what you get.  A typical report takes me about 6 hours to create, on top of time spent at the house collecting data.

Sample Home Inspection Report

I have yet to see a home that can be inspected in a couple of hours.

If you are told that your home inspection can be completed in “around an hour or two,” be very cautious with this company. They probably don’t have your best interest in mind.  The cost of your home inspection will vary, based on several factors. We price each home inspection on an individual basis. To get a price quote, please make note of the following features:

1. Square Footage of the home.
2. Age of the home.
3. Type of foundation. (Slab, Crawl Space, Basement)
4. Utilities of the home. (gas or electric)
5. Overall Condition of the home.

I know times are tight. I also know that people must “trim the fat” where they can. If you are buying a home, skimping on your home inspection might not be one of those places. You CAN get a real home inspection for a reasonable price. You can get an inspector that will take all the time necessary to thoroughly check your potential new home.  An inspector that will help you in making the right decisions.  An inspector looking out for the person who’s actually paying them………..YOU! I know how much time it takes to get a great inspection. That is the time we will spend with you. We all know you get what you pay for. If you are looking for the BEST home inspection you can find, I will be happy to serve you.