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Mount Washington Kentucky

After seeing a large increase of requests for home inspections in Mount Washington, KY I decided to write this post to try and help my out-of-town folks pull in as much information as possible about the great little town of Mount Washington, KY. If you are considering a move to the Louisville, KY area, you will not find a faster-growing small town than Mount Washington.

Some folks call it Mt. Washington, others just call it The Mount. But for many new families, they call it home. Mount Washington, Kentucky is a small (2019 population of 15,000) but growing “bedroom” community about eight miles south of Louisville’s Fern Creek area. Accessible by State Highways 44 and 150 (Bardstown Road), Mount Washington has come to be known as the “Crossroads of Kentucky.”

Mount Washington Statistics

  • Mount Washington was established in 1822
  • It’s elevation is 705′
  • As of 2019, the population was roughly 15,000
  • The area is 9.332 mi²
  • It is located in Bullitt County, KY
  • According to Zillow, the median house price is $251,209

Traffic in Mount Washington

Mount Washington is one of the two main cities in Bullitt County. With a population of 82,000 and counting, Bullitt County is one of the top 10 fastest growing counties in Kentucky and has the housing developments and traffic to prove it.

With only two main routes through the town and a large percentage of the population commuting to nearby General Electric, Ford, UPS, Jim Beam, Amazon, and other area-based industries, traffic on the main thoroughfares can be slow and frustrating, especially around the morning and evening rush hours. I have sat stuck on small two-lane roads for long periods of time only to find it was not an accident, but simple congestion from too many people and infrastructure that has not kept up with the town’s growth.

And if there’s an accident on Highway 44 while you’re coming home from the grocery store, forget it. You’re gonna need a straw for that ice cream you just bought because it’s going to melt while crews clear the scene. There is no other way around.

Schools in Mount Washington

Mount Washington is part of the Bullitt County Public Schools, a district of approximately 13,000 students spread across 22 buildings. Seven of those schools serve students who live in the Mount Washington area. The largest school in the district, Bullitt East High School, houses nearly 1,500 students alone.

Children are assigned a school based on where they live.

With the continued growth that Mount Washington is seeing, both new schools and redistricting remain strong possibilities in the next several years. As of now, residents of the following areas send their schools to the schools listed below. 

NeighborhoodSchools in order Elementary/Middle/High
Autumn GlenMt. Washington Elementary, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Twelve OaksOld Mill, Mt. Washington Middle, Bullitt East HS
WoodlakeMt. Washington Elementary, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Cherry HillPleasant Grove, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Twin EaglesOld Mill, Mt. Washington Middle, Bullitt East HS
Hubbards LandingOld Mill, Mt. Washington Middle, Bullitt East HS
Highland SpringsPleasant Grove, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Southgate ManorOld Mill, Mt. Washington Middle, Bullitt East HS
River CrestPleasant Grove, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Bogard WoodsPleasant Grove, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Bethel BranchPleasant Grove, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Forest RidgeMt. Washington Elementary, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Gentry CrossingsMt. Washington Elementary, Eastside Middle School, Bullitt East HS
Wilchar EstatesCrossroads Elementary, Mt. Washington Middle, Bullitt East HS
The links provided in this table were the best I could find for each neighborhood. Some have HOA websites and some are just user Facebook Groups.

autumn glen mount washington ky
Autumn Glen has grown to be one of the largest neighborhoods in Mount Washington.

For a complete list of schools by street, you can download this PDF provided by the city. Mount Washington Schools by Street.

Restaurants in Mount Washington

If pizza, Mexican or Chinese food is your thing, Mount Washington has you covered.

With no less than 7 pizza places (all the usual suspects plus Derby City Pizza and Hometown Pizza), 2 Chinese restaurants, and two Mexican watering holes, you can visit each of them on a 2-week rotation and never have to cook dinner.

But if your tastebuds tend more toward fine dining, great atmosphere, or high-quality food, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Mt. Washington is home to several fast food locations and just last year got a Dunkin’, but beyond that, choices are limited.

Three local spots and a few food trucks are working hard to give this town a go, but breaking into the food scene in The Mount is tough. 

Rumor has it that Gallant Fox Brewery is working to open a brewery downtown on main street. Fingers crossed they can make it work.

Churches in Mount Washington

While finding your favorite restaurant in Mount Washington might be like looking for fur on a rattlesnake, finding a church home won’t be an issue. St. Francis Catholic, First Baptist of Mt. Washington, Church of the Crossroads, and Southeast Christian Bullitt County all have active and decently-sized congregations. Smaller churches also exist throughout the community. If you are looking for a denomination within the Christian faith, you can find it here.

Daily Life in Mount Washington

Mount Washington is like many small towns in Kentucky. While it leans quite heavily toward the conservative side of life, the people are, for the most part, kind and generous, “help thy neighbor” type.

There seem to be those who don’t want this small town to change and those who would just LOVE to have a Lowe’s or a Target down the street. The area is quickly growing in residents, but businesses are slower to grow.

Right now, the town is riding the wave of small-town ideas, but there are signs of change. A brewery is opening soon, there is a beautiful sports & recreation park, and the town takes pride in its street decorations, farmer’s market, and new library. There are several abandoned properties in the immediate downtown area and those pretty summer flowers just don’t hide that blight.

There are two grocery stores (an old and a new), multiple pharmacies and fitness gyms, a plethora of dentists and other medical professionals, a hardware store, and one or two (or seven. Seriously seven.) Dollar Stores. Most likely, if you need it, you can find it somewhere in town. And if nobody in town has it, chances are your friendly, down-home neighbor does. All you have to do is ask.

If you are thinking of moving to Mount Washington and need a great home inspection please feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to take care of things for you. The easiest thing to do is to fill out my home inspection request form and I’ll get back to you asap.

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