Sample Home Inspection Reports

Not only do you need a great home inspector, you need one who produces a great home inspection report.  No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Below you will find a few examples of what your home inspection report will look like with ABI. Keep in mind that every home inspection report is unique and individualized to the home. 

A lot of home inspectors will brag about how long their reports are. However, the truth is that most reports are poorly written with very basic information and CYA language to help deflect any liability they may take from writing such poor documents. You also may come across home inspection companies that boast about “on-site” delivered reports.  

It may sound like a good idea to have your report in hand at the inspection, but how much time, effort, and care can be placed in a document that is pumped out in a few hours?

This is a critical part of the home inspection process. Mistakes can easily be made by trying to present you with a report “on-site.” My report writing process can take about 6-8 hours to complete (depending on the house). I do not want to waste your day waiting for me to complete your report on-site. Once completed, you will be emailed a link to access your home inspection, complete with color-coded text and HD photos/videos. Each home inspection basically gets its own website.

I do NOT rush my home inspections.  I schedule one home inspection per day. If your home needs more attention (large, old, and/or in “fixer-upper” condition) I’ll dedicate as much time as it takes, up to a day or more, for your inspection.

Below you will find a variety of inspection reports to read over. I give you several options to choose from so you can pick a home that closely matches the home you are buying.  Home Inspections are not one size fits all.

You get what you pay for.  Here is an example of what a cheap $350.00 inspection report looks like from a local inspector here in Louisville.  Are you comparing apples to apples when searching for a home inspector?  

Most people only do this kind of thing a couple of times in their lives and don’t know any better but to think all home inspectors basically do the same thing.  Don’t fall into the cheap guy price trap.  You’ll only drown in problems down the road.  Discount Home Inspection Report.


New Construction Home Inspection Report

This new home was built in early 2022. Important details are improperly installed James Hardie siding, damaged roof shingles, leaking toilets, and missing kickout flashing.

This home is a perfect example of why new construction homes need an inspection, just like all the others.

Sample Report 20 Years Old

25 Year Old Home Inspection Report

This home was built in early 1997. Important details are a fire inside the electric panel, a failed chimney cap, mold in the crawlspace, and rotten sub floor from leaking toilets.


75 Year Old Home Inspection Report

This home was built in early 1947. Important details are a failing garage from improper grading/drainage. Unbonded CSST Gas Line, failing chimney crown, aging roof (not visible from the ground), and water infiltration in the basement.

Flip House Sample Report

25 Year Old Flip House Inspection Report

This newly flipped home was built in 1995. While everything looked fine on the surface, the crawlspace and attic told a much different story.

Important details are widespread termite damage throughout the floor structure, mold growth in the crawlspaces, and failed chimney cap.