What Roof Leak?  No sir, Mr. Inspector, the roof has never leaked.  Plastic in the attic?  Um…..I’m not sure how that got up there, and placed under a leaking flashing boot with staples on the rafters….damnedest thing, really.

Leaking Roof

No one had a clue about how this plastic got up there, and was just as shocked to learn that it was catching water!

Star Wars Shower-  Nothing wrong here, just a really crazy shower/bathtub.  I’ve never seen one before, and I suspect I may never see another one.  The round door on the shower enclosure spins around to seal up the tube.  I guess one person could soak in the tub, and another stand up in the shower.  Beam me up, Scotty! Hee Hee, just kidding.

Strange Shower

It’s a Tube Tub.  Ok, I made that up.

The Flipper Strikes Again- You may not notice the problem at first glance, but Mr. House Flipper forgot to remove the light switch (and all the outlets) in this kitchen before he installed the tile backsplash.  The problem is you’ll have to tear the tile out now if you need to replace the switch (and outlets) for whatever reason.

Light switch under Tiles

Knowing the order of things is important to avoid future troubles.

Fireworks in 3..2..1-  What you are looking at is a close up of the electrical service for a house.  These old wires have insulation that has deteriorated away to the point they need to be replaced….like now.  I’ve seen the power company disconnect other homes for similar situations, and they weren’t as bad as these.  I tried to let the owners know, but they blew it off.

Failed Electrical Service Lines

If these wires touch each other, it would be quite the show.

Buffet in the Crawlspace- What do you normally find when you dig out a super tight crawlspace and get to the far end of it?  Termite damage.  This old place was about 110 years young, and you felt like you were walking through a fun-house on the first floor.  When I finally reached that area in the crawlspace, it was clear why…termites have eaten this place to bits.  EVERY floor joist in the house needed to be repaired.  Every. Single. One.  What made it worse, was the seller had only been there 10 months, and her inspector (when she bought the place) didn’t go in the crawlspace. Now she is facing a $8,000 repair ticket.  You get what you pay for folks…..

Termite Damaged Floor

The lines on these floor joists are termite shelter tubes.  They build these hollow mud tubes to travel in when above ground. 

Well, there you have it folks.  Another year older, and maybe a pound or two heavier.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who gave me the honor of trusting me to watch their back.  I wish you all nothing but best.  We’ll see you next year!

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