Mold in the house

The low down on Mold.

Nasty stuff.  Nasty stuff indeed.  But what classifies a person to be considered a “Mold Professional.”  This is where marketing spins start to twist like a F5 tornado.

I do not advertise mold inspection, I never will.  Why?  Because it would not be honest for me to do so.

The first thing I do when I come across mold in the home is to advise my clients to check out the EPA’s website about mold.

After they review the stuff on the EPA site, and they think it’s bad enough to need to hire a specialist, I tell them: Don’t hire any home inspector claiming to be a mold specialist. None of us really knows anything about mold, regardless of what we claim our qualifications are, and you’ll just be blowing your money.  If it’s bad, instead of someone with a two-day crash course and a certificate of authenticity (that they picked up in the lobby of a Holiday Inn), you will want to hire a real indoor air quality firm, with a real scientist on staff who actually knows something about mold.  End of story. An Industrial Hygienist is a really good place to start.

I can give you one piece of advice. Bleach is not an acceptable remediation technique.   Now of course, if you have a “little mold” growing on the grout in your bathroom, then bleach will certainly help get rid of the discoloration, but the growth will return.


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