how to age Daikin HVAC

How to age Daikin HVAC

This article will show you how to age Daikin HVAC equipment. You will need to find the data plate to accomplish this The data plate for your equipment can be found inside the furnace cabinet and on the lower panel of your air conditioner and heat pump (next to the copper line set). Daikin furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps use a four-digit code in their serial numbers to give you the manufacturing date.

To age your Daikin equipment, find the serial number that is printed just below the model number on the data plate.

The first two digits are the year the equipment was made, and the second two digits are the month. This is the same as aging Goodman HVAC equipment.

In the example below the serial number is 1705282056.

The-17 = 2017

The-05= May

This Daikin package unit was manufactured in May, of 2017.

aging Daikin HVAC equipment

Missing Daikin Serial Number?

Sometimes the data plates will fade in the sun, or become damaged. If your Daikin equipment data plate is not legible, try to find the ANSI date on the tag. This date will get you close to the real age of the equipment. Most ANSI dates are a few years younger than the actual manufacturing date, but it will help give you a general idea of how old the Daikin equipment is.

On this label, the ANSI date is 2012, while the manufacturing date is 2017. 5 years is a big difference when aging a piece of HVAC equipment, but it’s better than nothing at all.


How long does Daikin HVAC Equipment Last?

The life expectancy of HVAC equipment will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. One of the most important things is the condition of the home it has been installed in.

A newly built, sealed tight, and well-insulated home will likely have equipment that will last much longer than an old home with no insulation, and leaky windows.

Your system doesn’t know the difference. It simply does what your thermostat tells it to do. Machines only have so much life in them, if one runs three times more than another, it would be logical to think the one that has the higher duty cycle would not last s long. That is why it is vital you make sure your house has been properly air sealed and insulated. If you need help with attic insulation, follow my DIY Guide to Blown-In Attic Insulation. It will give you step-by-step instructions on fixing your insulation and making your equipment run less!

Frequently Asked Questions About Daikin

A gas-fired furnace has a typical lifespan of 20 yea s. This is a national average and a good gauge on what to expect out of your equipment. Keep in mind that a well-insulated and sealed house will make your equipment last longer due to it not running as often.

 Most air conditioners have a general lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Heat pumps only have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. This is due to the system running year-r und. The extended usage shortens its lifespan compared to a regular air conditioner.

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