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I was recently invited to be a guest speaker on the River City Real Estate Radio Show.  Try saying that 10 times fast!)  My friend Sam George, a fabulous Realtor in Louisville was with me as well.  We were there to talk about home inspections, and the most common questions people have about what I do, and how the process works.

Of course, the first thing you think of when being on the radio is how you hate the sound of your own voice.  I’m no exception.  Do I really sound like that?  Yeah, I’m afraid so.  Hate aside, it was a fun process.  I would do it again tomorrow.  Brady is doing a great thing in trying to get good info out to people.  I highly suggest you tune in.  You can hear the show every Saturday morning at 11 on 1080am Talk Radio.  As always, if you have any question about what I do, and how I can help you, feel free to give me a shout 502.938.5190, or email here.  You can listen to the whole episode below.


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