Building Codes for Stairs in Kentucky
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Kentucky Building Code for Stairs

Ready to dive into the world of stair construction in Kentucky? Let’s break it down! We’ll explore the must-know building codes, covering everything from dimensions to handrails. Don’t miss out on this essential guide to ensure your stairs are safe, compliant, and ready for action in Kentucky!

Failed Manufactured Stone Veneer
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Failed Manufactured Stone and Brick Veneer on New Construction Home.

This new construction home suffered catastrophic water damage from a failed MSV and brick veneer installation. The scale of this damage led to a buyback from the builder, and we were able to see first hand how quickly things fall apart from water damage. You won’t believe what happened at home.

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ACMV-Manufactured Stone Veneer- The Next Big Problem in Construction

Updated for 2020! It’s been nearly five years since I wrote this series about the faulty installation of manufactured stone veneers, and the havoc it is causing unsuspecting homeowners.  I decided it was time for some new information so I’ve updated things with new images and information. It’s all the rage these days: Fake stone siding, manufactured…

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Leaking Manufactured Stone & Leaking Windows Halt Progress on Custom Built Home

A botched stone veneer install on this new construction home has stopped all progress as the homeowners try to figure out their next move. I travel 600 miles to Arkansas and help solve their problems of poorly installed manufactured stone veneer.

home inspection best of
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Best of 2016 – A collection of Home Inspection Blunders

HOME INSPECTION HIGHLIGHTS 2016 Ah yes, another year has come and gone.  Let’s take a look at my annual top pictures from 2016!  I typically do top a 10, but this year I’m expanding it to 12; there is just too much good stuff not to share it. 12. DIY PLUMBING DRAINS These flex-drains that…

Attic Scuttle Hole for Inspection
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Insulate Attic Access Panel

Insulation, air movement, building science, blah-blah-blah. I know, most folks find it boring. But if you like saving money, and living in a comfortable house, stay with me here. One of the most common things I find at just about every home inspection in Louisville in Louisville is a poorly insulated attic scuttle hatch (that is…

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ACMV Part 3- Wall Details and Drainage

START HERE TO READ THE FIRST POST IN THIS SERIES. THIS WILL HELP YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND THE DETAILS FOR EACH SECTION OF THE ACMV SERIES. As I said before, flat walls are as easy as it gets when it comes to installing manufactured stone.  You really have to try to mess up an open wall, but you know…

Shock Face
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Best of 2014 Part 2

I’m a bit later than I wanted to be getting this written, but hey, better late than never. If you missed the first part of this post you can see it here: Best of Home Inspections 2014.  So without further ado, the second half of the Best of the Worst pictures of 2014. A waterfall in…

Confused Home Buyer
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Best Of 2014 Part 1

Another year older, one or two more gray hairs found, and a stack of pictures to choose from.  It’s hard to whittle it down to just a handful, but I selected the top 10 problems found during home inspections this year. A Cold Fireplace – This is a picture from a one year old home.  The owners…

Deck Damage: Is your back-yard escape ruining your home?
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Deck Damage: Is your back-yard escape ruining your home?

With spring just around the corner, your neighborhood lumber yard will soon be full of people buying stacks of treated lumber, ready to build a brand new deck.  Some are DIY’ers, some are paying a contractor, but from what I can see, they all need a little help. Remember the viral video of the Indiana…

kitchen cabinet priming

Priming…yeah it’s that important.

Priming…Most people hate it.  Why? They think it’s extra work.  I’m here to tell you it’s not, and your finished product will turn out much better with its use. I used to be a manager at a certain big retail giant…let’s call them “Glowe’s.”  One busy Saturday at Glowe’s I was stopped in the lumber department by…