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Ben Hendricks - ABI Home Inspection Services

Hi. I’m Ben.


Everyone knows you need a home inspection when you buy a house.  That’s a given. What everyone doesn’t know is how to choose the right home inspector.

I only perform one home inspection a day.  I focus all my time and energy on providing you with a home inspection that is second to none.  Every home inspection performed by ABI is done by me (Ben). Some other fun facts about me:

  • I have been a home inspector in the Louisville KY area for 14 years.
  • I have inspected over 4,000 homes.
  • I am certified by the NRPP for Radon gas testing.
  • I use my FLIR thermal camera for all my inspections at no extra cost.
  • I write a monthly blog about various topics, from home inspections in Louisville to case study construction failures.
  • I ride mountain bikes with my wife Michelle.
  • I work as an expert witness in legal cases for a variety of clients, on everything from defective home inspections to faulty construction.
  • I have been featured in Forbes and The Voice-Tribune for my work in home inspections.
  • I have over 500 5-star reviews across multiple platforms.
  • I serve as a Subject Matter Expert for the EBPHI (Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors)


Louisville KY Home Inspections


I utilize the most advanced tools available to provide you with a home inspection experience that is second to none.  Guaranteed.



Louisville is a hot spot for Radon Gas.  I am one of only a handful of NRPP Certified Inspectors qualified to perform Radon gas testing in Kentucky.



I am nationally recognized as a leader in failed manufactured stone siding inspections.  If your home has stone veneer siding, it’s likely a matter of time before it gives trouble.



Expert Witness Inspections & Litigation Support is available for all types of construction, personal injury, and defective home inspection related cases.

Moisture Intrusion


Water damage will destroy a home fast, and you may not ever notice it.  My moisture intrusion inspections will detect the leaks and offer solutions on how to correct them.



Thermal Imaging can help locate missing insulation, air infiltration, and hidden water damage.  All of my inspections include a FLIR HD Thermal scan of the entire home.


Ben’s Latest Articles

Mount Washington, KY

Mount Washington Kentucky

After seeing a large increase of requests for home inspections in Mount Washington, KY I decided to write this post to try and help my out-of-town folks pull in as much information as possible about the great little town of Mount Washington, KY. If you are considering a move to the Louisville, KY area, you will not find a faster-growing small town than Mount Washington.


I get it. You’re freaking out because you just BOUGHT A HOUSE. I bet you have a bunch of questions too.  No worries, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve listed below the common questions I get about how all this home inspection stuff works. If you don’t see your question listed out below, feel free to shoot me a message here, or if you’d rather, you can give me a call or text at 502-938-5190 Remember, there are no stupid questions.  I’m here to help.

Who hires the home inspector? Typically the buyer of the home chooses and hires the home inspector.  There are occasions that the seller has a pre-listing inspection done, this is rare.

How much does a home inspection cost? There are a lot of aspects to consider when talking about the price of a home inspection.  Size, age, and the complexity of the home are all variables. The individual inspector is a factor as well.

New inspectors with little experience will usually charge much less than a veteran who has decades of experience and a solid knowledge base.

How long does a home inspection take? The time spent on your home inspection will vary greatly depending on several factors. Size, age, and condition of the home play the biggest role, but the individual inspector also determines how much time he chooses to spend at the house.

Note: I typically spend around 4 hours at a house that is 2000 square feet. I find that spending less does not give us enough time to review the home thoroughly. Some inspectors spend an hour in the same house.  Time will vary for every home inspector, depending on the quality of their work and the individual inspector’s experience.

Should I attend my home inspection?  Absolutely!  You should be very suspicious of any home inspector who tells you not to attend YOUR home inspection.  I strongly encourage everyone to attend every second of the inspection.

My Realtor wants to know if you have a SupraKey?  Yes, I do.  SupraKey is the access app that unlocks the key boxes you may have seen at the listing. I take care of all scheduling through Showingtime and can let myself into the home.

What does a home inspection cover?  A good home inspection should cover nearly all aspects of the home.  However, there are a few specialty areas, such as swimming pools and septic systems, that you’ll want to have a specialist inspect for you. Those are not typically covered in a general home inspection.

Can a home pass or fail an inspection?  No.  A home inspection is not about passing or failing.  It’s more about its performance.  A good inspection should expose current defects and age the major components of the home (think HVAC and appliances), so you know what to expect moving forward.

Is the seller present for the home inspection?  Typically the sellers are not home during the inspection.  While there is no rule that says they can not be home, most choose to leave for the inspection.

Can the seller refuse to make any repairs?  Yes. Under most contracts, the sellers can refuse to make any repairs based on your home inspection.  However, you can also make the decision not to purchase the home.

What areas of Kentucky do you cover?  I try to limit my travel to within and about an hour from Louisville.  However, I can make special arrangements for anywhere in the state if needed.  Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Nelson, Washington, Shelby, Henry, and Hardin counties are all part of my normal coverage area.

Do you perform home inspections in Indiana? No. I currently only serve Kentucky for my home inspections. I do however perform Manufactured Stone Veneer inspections in Indiana, along with litigation support.